Winter Social January 6, 2001
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The Winter Social was based on the eastern woodland practices of the Iroquois and Algonquin people of the Longhouse tradition.

The Sag8mo, Paul Pouliot, explained the tradition.

The opening Thanksgiving Invocation was done
by James "Little Beaver" Mehigan who read the Abenaki part.

The Mohawk part was read by Mark Frazer.

Mark is one of the next generation Abenaki who were raised
in the Longhouse tradition of the Mohawk. James and Mark are members of the Cowasuck Band.

The Sag8mo performed a tobacco offering and blessing.

Smudging was performed by Linda Pouloit.

The Red Hawk Drum Singers

Chris Griffin, James Mehigan, Bob Kent,
James Gamache, Paul Pouliot, Ralph Bardley Paul explained how and why he had crafted water drums.

Onkwe Tase, an elder of Mohawk descent

sang and danced with his family. An afternoon of dancing, singing ...

... feasting and socializing ... Grandfather Maple enjoying the dancing

along with Linda Pouliot and Norm "Dokima" Léveillée.

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