An Abenaki Prayer

Kassiwi Niona Enna Odakozik Chibaio Agaskwikok

With We Who Visit Ghosts From

Kizos Aalakws Nionakiya Alnobanogan Nionakiya

the Sun Star of Our Birth and in Our

Aw8zsiswogan Enni Taolani Agaskwikok Noesal Niona

Infancy Which Is from the Land of

Kizosaltoalakws Taolawisi Maskozisis Taolwisi Nolka Moz

the Rising Star as Long as the Deer and Moose Shall Run Free and the Grass Shall Grow

Sibo Ikok Pon Tekw

and the Rivers Run Swiftly the Abenaki Shall Survive

Wobigid Sanoba Magigwogan

the Whiteman's Wickedness

N'mahomios Chibaio

Again Our Grandfathers Spirits

Amikimek Pmegamek Agakidozik

Have Given Us Guidance and Wisdom to Rise and Come Together to Dance We Have Been Taught

Kazaldozk Nigawes Spemki Toldal8zi Nosokazik

to Love Mother Earth and to Respect Her

Niona Aho Wobenakiak Kizos Posiwaganogan

We Are the Children of the Dawn the People

Wobenakiak Mozmozik Odiozon

of the East May the Great Spirit and

Kinikinik Volcanda Kottliwi Kwahliwi Tapsiwi

the Great Creator Bless Us and Smile upon Us

. . . Chief Edwin "Joe" Pero - Coos (Cowasuck) Deer Clan Prayer

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