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The Cowasuck Band membership is based on descendant Wabanaki (Pennacook - Abenaki) family groups as documented by family records. A membership committee genealogists reviews all applicant records for eligibility. The political and governmental structure is centered on the leadership of east and west coast tribal councils with regional sub-councils. A petition for federal recognition as been submitted to the BIA and work is in progress towards this effort.

Council and Women's Circle meetings are held on a monthly (moon) basis. A public fund raising gathering is held each year in early June. Throughout the year traditional gatherings and cultural demonstrations are also held.

The Band has business headquarters in Massachusetts, with regional offices in Maine, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, California, and Washington. The business operations include two federally registered non-profit social and cultural services companies - COWASS North America and the Franklin Food Pantry. Land base interests in Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Maine, and Rhode Island are controlled by Band member family clans.

For communication within the Native American Indian community, the Aln8bak News (quarterly newsletter) is published by the Band. The Band is also involved in many activities that include: the Red Hawk Drum; a resource library-museum; social and legal services; cultural and educational programs for - language, ceremonies, oral traditions, arts, crafts, and music; land preservation; and, Adopt-A-Highway (environmental protection and clean-up). For further information contact us at:

Cowasuck Band of the Pennacook - Abenaki People

COWASS North America, Incorporated
840 Suncook Valley Road
P.O. Box 52
Alton, NH 03890-0052
Telephone: 503-776-1090
NEDOBAK Help Line: 800-566-1301
FAX: 603-776-1091


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