Existing Government Structure

The Band Council is comprised of two parts. One part is called the East Coast Band Council and the other is the West Coast Band Council. The Council is comprised of a Chief or Speaker who presides over both Councils, a Sub-Chief of the East, a Sub-Chief of the West, a Matriarch of the East, and a Matriarch of the West. Sub-Chiefs also serve as Traditional Band Judges.

The Council is comprised of family and clan elders and family representatives from different geographical locations and states. New England states and any state with a concentration of members will be granted representatives according to the number of members and need.

The size of either Council will be indefinite but will always be greater than five members. The term of office will be indefinite and at the will and consensus of the Band Council so long as the Chief, Sub-Chief, Matriarch, member, or representative is physically and mentally capable to perform the duties of the position or if the consensus of the Band Council is that the individual should no longer serve for reasons of just cause.

A quorum for a Band Council meeting will be called when a simple majority of the total members are present. The Chief will be impartial to the matter put to vote, unless by necessity an additional vote is needed to resolve an impasse. A vote will be based on simple consensus or simple majority if a formal vote is taken.

Band Council meetings will be held as required. At least one general membership meeting and one business meeting for COWASS North America, Inc. will be called each year.

The Board of Directors of COWASS North America "CNA" will be comprised of a President, Treasurer, Clerk, and other members as needed. CNA has the financial control of the Band assets and as such will make financial reports to the membership and Council when meetings are held for the purpose of regular business. The corporate officers will be chosen from the Band Council members, the term of office will be indefinite and will be at the will of the Council. A meeting quorum will be called when the officers are present. A vote will be based on simple consensus or simple majority if a formal vote is taken. CNA has established business offices in the states of: Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Maine, Rhode Island, Washington, and California.

Note: This document for the "Existing Government Structure" and Band Citizenship & Membership Requirements is a summary of the organization, policy, and practices that are being used by the Band. Band and Corporate by-laws provide greater details.

The Band is a "Longhouse" form of "Eastern Woodland" Native American Indian government by "Consensus", details of the "consensus" decision process are contained in another Band document.

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