Lesson 13 - Say That in Abenaki

Say That In Abenaki -Ida ni Alnobaiwi

Several language source documents, including some
historically old works, are used to create this section
of the newsletter. 
Past words were from the Masta works of 1938 and 
the Joseph Laurent dialogues of 1884.  In the last issue 
the language lesson was focused on the pronunciation 
basics as presented by Cecile Wawanolett of Odanak. 
This issue will continue using some basic words 
that illustrate the pronunciation rules: 
 8 =  (Nasal "O(n)" sound)

M8ji			Moji
Mo(n)'-dze		Moh'-dze
Go Away			Shit

Note the similarities of these two words - but they have 
very different meanings.
Pamgisgak		Paml8guik
Pahm'-gis-gahk		Pahm'-lo(n)g-ik
Today			This Evening

Wolgwab8		Saba
(Oo)wol-gwa-bo(n)	Sah-bah'
Yesterday		Tomorrow

Wli D8ga W8gan
 (Oo)w-le Do(n)-gah (Oo)wo(n)-gahn  	
			Thanks to All Our Relations

Soglon			Solg8nbi
Soh-glon'		Soh-glo(n)-be
Rain			Rain Water

Waz8li			Pkwami
Wah-zo(n)-le'		Pkwah'me
Snow			Ice

Pabadegw		Managw8n
Pah-bah-degw'		Mah-nah-gwo(n)n'
Hail			Rainbow

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