Lesson 7 - "to" Verbs

To sit			Abimek
I or you sit		Nd'abi
He or she sits		Abo

To want			Achwaldamek
I or you want		Nd'achwaldam
He or she wants		Achwalda
 To read		Agizimek
I or you read		Nd'agizi
He or she reads		Agizo

To return		Pedigamek
I or you return		N'pedgi
He or she returns	Pedgo

To enter		Pidigamek
I or you enter		N'pidiga
He or she enters	Pidiga

To walk			Pmossamek
I or you walk		N'pmossa
He or she walks		Pmossa

To go out		Saossamek
I or you go out		N'saossa
He or she goes out	Saossa
To work			Alokamek
I or you work		Nd'aloka
He or she works		Aloka

To use			Awakamek
I or you use		Nd'awaka
He or she uses		Awaka

To refuse		Aza8mek
I or you refuse		Nd'aza8
He or she refuses	Azaa

To fear			Sagzimek
I or you fear		N'sagzi
He or she fears		Sagzo

To be drowsy		Nolmekwizimek
I or you are drowsy	N'nolmekwizi
He or she is drowsy	Nolmekwzo

To be sleepy		Kadgomek
I or you are sleepy	N'kadgom
He or she is sleepy	Kadgo

To sleep		Kawimek
I or you sleep		N'kawi
 He or she sleeps	Kao

To dream		Legwassimek
I or you dream		N'legwassi
He or she dreams	Legwasso

To be thirsty  		Kadawesmimek
I or you are thirsty	N'kadawesmi
He or she is thirsty	Kadawesmo

To drink		Kadoasmimek
I or you drink		N'kadosmi
He or she drinks	Kadosmo

To be hungry		Kadopimek
I or you are hungry	N'kadopi
He or she is hungry	Kadopo

To listen / obey	Kiktamek
I or you listen		N'kikta
He or she listens	Kikta

To speak		Klozimek
I or you speak		N'klozi
He or she speaks	Klozo

To yell			K8g8lwamek
I or you yell		N'k8g8lwa
He or she yells		K8g8lwa

To sing			Lintomek
I or you sing		N'linto
He or she sings		Linto

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