Traditional Life - Colors

We often get questions about traditional clothing, tribal colors, and ways. There are many sources of information on this subject. Unfortunately, they do not always agreed. Some recent reference books are available which bring some of this into better focus. It should be noted that most traditional clothing and ways were subject to the location. Some very clear differences are believed to exist between Eastern, Central, and Western Abenaki. The time period and amount of colonial contact was also a key factor.

In specific to the Cowasuck, we have identified a contemporary symbol and color pattern that we are comfortable with. A Pine Tree in green, comprised of thirteen branches, six on each side with a top branch. These branches project in an upward angled direction from the center. The tree has three white roots that are equally spaced in a downward direction. The addition of a rising sun, water, snow, and earth are acceptable as well as "Wabanki curl" designs.

The color scheme is: Green for the White Pines; Yellow, Red, or Orange for the Raising Sun; White for the snows of the north; Blue for the ocean, lakes, and rivers over which the Sun rises; Brown for Mother Earth - the shore lines, and White or Black background is acceptable for all uses.

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