The Mashantucket Pequot Museum opened a special display In their main hall on June 28, 2003 titled "Honoring the Nations".

The display Includes the national flags of many Native American Indian Nations.

The flag of the Cowasuck Band of the Pennacook - Abenaki People was included in the display and will be a part of their collection.

The tribal flag of the Cowasuck Band of the Pennacook-Abenaki People features a tree at its center, referring to the meaning of Cowasuck as the "People of the White Pines."

The roots symbolize the New England rivers the tribe and their ancestors have used for thousands of years, including the Connecticut, Kennebeck and Merrimack.

In the background, the sun signifies the Wabanaki Confederation, a coalition of five Algonquian tribes of the eastern seaboard.

The waves beneath the roots symbolize water. Below the waves, two inverted scroll lines, or "wisdom curls," are reminiscent of traditional canoes and represent tribal ancestors as well as present day people.

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